Details of the AIGETOA MP Bank account are as follows:

  State Bank of India
Name of the beneficiary All India Graduate Engineer Telecom Officers Association (AIGETOA)
Account number of the beneficiary 63002834991
Address of the beneficiary Link Road-1, Bhopal
IFSC code of the beneficiary branch SBIN0030382
Payable at: Bhopal, M.P.

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AIC Preparation

As the CHQ AIC is to be held on 17th, 18th and 19th June at Mysore where discussion on HR/Cadre and organizational issues and resolution thereafter will be taken for further course of action. 

In view of above, all DS are requested to send their suggestions/decisions, any addition/deletion of new issue after discussion with ssa team and mail at before 13th June. So it can timely complied and displayed on aigetoamp website and further on will be presented to CHQ.

Felicitation Program

A grand ceremony was organised at conference hall circle office bhopal during the SSA head meeting organised on 31st May 2016 to felicitate the top performers of MP Telecom Circle. Cash Prizes were given by CGMT  MP Circle for their performance and securing first and second prizes under various business verticals i.e. growth, Revenue Growth, Sales - CFA, Sales - CM, EB, CFA growth, land mutation, Revenue from Asset in BA levels, First, Second and Third prize in GMTD/TDM/TDE levels, Special Prizes for successful completion of Simhastha Project, Special Award for Excellence in Work ad Special awards to unit heads/Circle Office for achieving Rs 1000 Cr Revenue Target for financial year 2015-16.

On behalf of the entire AIGETOA MP, We would like to appreciate the efforts of CGMT MP Telecom Circle Dr G C Pandey and all the Managers, Circle Office Team Members for all of their best efforts and making the event a successful one. It was a unforgettable meet.

We really had a grandeur Experience. We congratulate our  members Shri Anil Khosle SDE(EB) GMTD Bhopal , Shri Shailesh Rathore SDE(NIB) GMTD Indore and Shri K K Swamy SDE(SR) Circle Office Bhopal for being appreciated by the CGMT for the extraordinary  work they have performed in their respective field. Cash Prize with a certificate was presented to them for their work.

Simhastha 2016

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As part of month-long Simhastha festival, which began on April 22, being held at Ujjain, a concluding ceremony was conducted on  May 29th 2016 during which leaders of various associations and senior officers of MP Telecom Circle along with  CGMT MP Telecom Circle Dr G C Pandey were present.

There was grand party of Simhasth Samman and Samapan Program at Hotel Ashray in Ujjain. Dr  GC Pandey has given credit of successful Simhasth project to each and every team. From AIGETOA side,  ACS Shri SK Pathak  was present . In his speech he congratulated CGM Dr GC pandey and his entire team for successful Simhasth and also said that this Simhasth2016 was Hitech due to excellent services provided by BSNL. All the executives who have performed their duty at Ujjain during Simhastha were appreciated and awarded by CGMT MP.

Transfer and Posting Orders

Circle Office issues various posting and transfer orders in the cadre of JTO/SDE.

Transfer and Posting the cadre of SDE

Posting after joining from other circle

Mutual Transfer Case


Untitled 1

Congratulations to all the members and supporters of United Forum of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA !!!!! We hereby congratulate all the rank and file of United Forum for their dedicated support and participation in the organizational action program. This is only the first step achieved and we have miles to go. We have been able to convince the management about the legitimacy of our demands and the firm timelines for resolutions have been committed. Despite the several negative forces running every nuke and corner to derail the resolution of issues and doing all sort of propaganda to just achieve their only one objective i.e. of membership verification. No doubt, Membership verification is the solution to this leg pulling approach by the overzealous corners but the same should not have been at the cost of derailing and sabotaging the issues by their unnecessary threats. We welcome them in Ballot Field also. Time will show them their real destiny.


Now we request all the members to work sincerely and very hard to take BSNL to the new Heights. To our understanding, Management has already taken the first step towards fulfilling the commitment by approving the Management Committee proposal of replacing the scales from E2 to E7 and we sincerely hope and believe that management will honor all its commitments to keep the employee employer relationship and industrial harmony at its best. We promise that we shall be keeping a strict vigilance over the issues to prevent any mischief from the overzealous corners.


Thanks and Gratitude once again to all the members for showing their exceptional support and hard-work to make this organizational action program successful


In view of the positive approach of management and actual action taken on ground towards resolution of the issues we hereby defer our organizational action program with a promise to return back if the things doesn t go as committed.


Letter of Director (HR). Click here


The letter of deferment. Click here 


Annexure-I. Click here & Annexure-II. Click here

Hunger Fast

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United Forum of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA extends & records sincere thanks for making the Hunger Fast 100 % successful through out the country on 2nd day also. Glimpses of 2nd day of Hunger fast across the country. Click here


Today Director (HR) called the leaders of United Forum for a meeting at 15.30 Hrs. The meeting was attended by GS, President, FS and AGS (HQ) of AIBSNLEA along with the President, AGS, and OS of AIGETOA. The meeting continued till 20.30 Hrs. Discussions were held in a positive environment but remained inconclusive. The talks will continue tomorrow morning.


All the Circle/Branch Secretaries are requested to keep the enthusiasm and zeal to fight the ill motive of some sect of Management and negative forces. Please ensure grand success of the Hunger Fast programme on its third day also. The negative forces are to be given a befitting reply. No body and No body can derail the issues which have been brought to the conclusive end after continuous and sustained struggle of United Forum of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA. Just remain united and keep the momentum on.

LDCE Results Declared

Corporate Office issues orders for declaration of results. Click Here for Order

Result of successful candidate with General Standard

Result of successful SC candidate

Result of successful ST candidate

Glimpses of One Day Dharna at Circle Office and SSAs Head Quarters

United Forum of BSNL Executives Associations comprising of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA gave a call of agitation program in support of its long pending demands and in its second phase of agitation, one day massive "Dharna" was organized at BSNL Circle Office and all SSA head quarters. At Circle Office, CS of both the association were present and addressed the gathering.


Updates of Meeting with Director (HR) on 26.04.2016 :

As decided, joint meeting chaired by Director HR to discuss the implementation of E2 and E3 scales in place of E1A and E2A was held on 26.04.2016. The meeting was attended by GM (Estt), GM (Rectt), DGM (Pers), DGM (Estt), OSD to Director (HR) from management side and GS AIBSNLEA, FS AIBSNLEA, AGS AIBSNLEA, President AIGETOA, AGS AIGETOA,OS AIGETOA, GS SNEA, President SNEA, OS (South) SNEA from association side. The KHAN COMMITTEE RECOMMENDATIONs pertaining to implementation of standard E2 and E3 pay scales were discussed in detail. AIBSNELA and AIGETOA emphasized that Khan committee recommendations pertains to the replacement of non-standard E1A and E2A scales with E2 and E3 respectively and management should consider implementing this recommendation in true and letter spirit i.e implementing the standard pay scales E2 and E3 as replacement of E1A and E2A w.e.f. 01.01.2007. The subsequent repercussions can be taken care of and resolved in consultation with all the stake holders as and when they arise which is normally the procedure while implementing PRC recommendations. The scales needs to be replaced immediately as the 3rd PRC is shortly going to be constituted. The view was endorsed unanimously by all present in the meeting including the chairperson of the meeting.

While the consensus view was welcomed by Director (HR), the same was perhaps not digestible to GM (Estt) and her team. In the whole meeting, they were raising the issues which were not in existence and continuously insisting to take care of the anomalies now only. On asked which type of anomalies, their answer was that they are still not sure about them but emphasized that the anomalies are bound to occur if the recommendations are implemented. We again reminded them that anomalies are always the by-product of implementation of any policy but that should not be the reason of not implementing the policies/decisions/recommendation. Raising the non-existing fear of anomalies is nothing but deliberate ploy of Establishment section to drag the issue further and to dilute the flow of the resolution of the issue. Any such dilly-dallying of the matter further will be opposed tooth and nail by us.

We in clear cut terms emphasized that now when consensus has reached between all the three associations, there should not be any further delay on the resolution but the approach of establishment cell with their continued insistence on analyzing the anomalies makes us believe that the issue is not going to see the light of the day till another struggle is launched. Earlier they were taking the excuse of not having a consensus view and now that all the three associations have unanimously given their mandate to go ahead with the implementation as stated in Khan Committee Report (In fact what we understand that same was conveyed by all of us individually also), establishment cell is taking the excuse of analyzing the anomalies and subsequent fall outs which is not at all required as of now. It was quite clear in the meeting that the focus of establishment cell is to drag the issue on one pretext or another.

Similarly, no concrete action has been taken yet be personnel cell for implementation of the second part of Khan Committee Recommendation i.e. CPSU Cadre Hierarchy. The issue has been pending for more than eight months and even the presentation on the same has yet not been arranged by Personnel cell to the competent authority. This makes us believe that the final resolution requires another decisive struggle.

The recommendation on Superannuation Benefit and Commitment of CMD BSNL to extend at least 6% Superannuation Fund has similarly been diluted by the unending/non-conclusive/unjustified comments by Finance Wing. We are very much sure that the Personnel and Establishment cell is taking these two issues also to similar directions.

Fearing that continuous delay on the resolution of the issues by the section dealing with them is nothing but a deliberate attempt by HR managers of BSNL to dilute the issues till they die a natural death, the United Forum has decided to serve notice for organizational action for immediate resolution of the issues as another deadline of 30th April is also going to pass without any result. We will try to take our sister associations also in the picture if they agree to come with us else we are prepared to go alone. Click here for notice

The program for organizational action shall be as below:

Organizational actions and schedule:

  • Lunch/Closing Hour Demonstrations at BSNL CO/Circle/SSA headquarters on 3rd May 2016.

  • One Day Dharna at BSNL CO/Circle/SSA headquarters on 12th May 2016.

  • Three days Hunger Fast at BSNL CO/Circle/SSA headquarters on 25th , 26th and 27th May 2016 (10:00 Hours to 18:00 Hours).

  • Work According to Rules with effect from 25th May 2016 (10:00 Hours) till the settlement of demands.

  • 1st June 2016 onwards Delhi Chalo for Indefinite Dharna at BSNL CO. The executives throughout the country will gather at BSNL CO, New Delhi till withdrawal of the MT.


Notification and settlement of various HR issues. During this period, there will be complete non-cooperation with management.


Immediate implementation of the decisions taken in the meeting held on 14.12.2015 issued vide minutes of the meeting through letter no. BSNL/7-3/SR/2015 dated 14.12.2015 i.e.

1. Immediate implementation of the recommendation of the committee headed by Sh. M. A. Khan, ED (NB) on standard E2 & E3 scales for JTO & SDE Equivalent executives and CPSU Cadre Hierarchy in BSNL, scrapping of the MT, DGM RRs altogether.

2. Extending 30% Superannuation benefit to the BSNL recruited employees.

3. Resolution of various other long pending HR issues like taking urgent necessary action for:

a. Immediate conduction of various CPCs in all the disciplines to fill up the vacant group-A and Group B equivalent posts in a time bound manner, notional pay fixation of all upgraded pay-scales w.e.f. 01.10.2000, one time relaxation to Steno Grade-III for their promotion to PA cadre, settlement of Pay Anomaly cases where junior executives are drawing more pay than senior executives, special recruitment drive for hard tenure/shortfall circles, FR 22(I)a(i) pay fixation to officiating JTOs, restructuring of AD (OL) cadres, finalization of new SDE RR 2014 in line with association suggestions.

b. declaration of LDCE results, Settlement of Rule-8 transfer cases, Pay loss to JTOs/JAOs recruited after 01.01.2007 and fixation of pay in respect of departmental outsider (TTA) appointed as JTOs, extension of E1+ 5 advance increment benefit to JTO (SRD)/JAO 2013 batch and PA Cadre and other long pending HR issues submitted earlier.

All the CHQ office bearers, Circle/Branch Secretaries are requested to ensure successful implementation of the above agitation programs by conducting Executive Body/General Body meetings, Press Conferences, Posters etc.